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    why am I not in RVA tonight ughhhhhh
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    sup sup sup sup sup sup Balin and I are supposed to wear matching shirts to this tonight. BE THERE ON YOUR PHONE ON...
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    the faux pbr cans are so accurate
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    Go to the RVA Tumblr meet up at Portrait House tonight, then come party at Helen’s after.
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    Whoa drinks are free? Who is coming to this tonight??
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    Show up and show us your beautiful tumblin’ faces!! Meet new people and have fun on our dime!
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    Richmonders who wants in
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    THIS THURSDAY! I’m excited to see friends and familiar faces, and to meet new users. Bring your friends, bring...
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    …this is so bizarre I’m going to be in RVA for an art show I’m going to be in. Don’t think I can go though because we’re...
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